Rs 150 cr due: Why is TMC lenient towards traders, ask activists

10th Oct 2017

THANE: Citizen activists' from Thane are planning to launch a no-tax payment agitation starting next month protesting the apparent lenient approach of the TMC towards the octroi default payments.

A PIL over the issue filed by a city-based activist Chandrahas Tawde is presently being heard by the Bombay High Court that had also lashed out at the administration and questioned the delay in recovery of dues in its last hearing in 2016.

The agitation, justify activists from the Thane Matadata Jagran Abhiyan who announced it on Monday, is to put pressure on the TMC and seek a clarification over its stand over recovery of dues amounting over Rs 150 crore since the last few years. The activists claimed they will now urge residents to not pay their municipal taxes including property and water starting next month unless the administration recovers the arrears from these traders or clarifies its stand on the same.

The group expressed shock over how the civic administration was often prompt in hounding common citizens who default on their taxes but was surprisingly lenient towards such evaders who include wine and liquor shops, bars and restaurants and even jewelers. While few of the defaulters reportedly paid up, a majority are yet to cough up the same. The activists said the protest was part of its drive to wake up the TMC.

"Why is the administration biased towards recovery of dues from the traders who owe crores as octroi dues to the corporation? The officials have been prompt in penalizing common man and so we are encouraging the residents to stand up for their rights and stop paying taxes till the TMC comes up with its stand," said Unmesh Bagwe, secretary of the Thane Matadata Jagran Abhiyaan.


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