Sudden temperature change from hot to cold makes people feel ‘sick’

10th Oct 2017

THANE: The fluctuating temperature due to the sudden rains in the evenings and blistering heat during daytime has given a cold and cough to almost everyone in the city.

There has been a steady rise in the cases of gastrointestinal and typhoid among the elders, while viral, cough and cold are increasingly common among children, doctors said.

The unpleasant climate has resulted in infections born from various airborne and water borne diseases like respiratory tract infections, sinus problems, diarrhoea etc.

"The extreme heat conditions results in food items getting spoilt easily leading to food poisoning. In the last 15 days itself, the number of patients suffering from gastro and typhoid have increased by 60%. The sudden change in the climate has also lead to dehydration leading to fatigue. The ones allergic to dust are falling sick. These people easily suffer from common cold, sinus infections etc," said Dr Suparna Nirgudkar, consultant physician.

"The seasonal variation has led to an increase in the number of patients suffering from fever, cough, cold which usually lasts for three to five days. It is essential to observe kids for the next 72 hours if they have been suffering from high fever. Usually I get around 50 to 70 patients daily out of which around 60% suffer from common cold, cough and fever," said Dr Mangesh Pate, paediatrician.

The doctors have advice to take adequate precautions so that one does not suffer from any ailment.

"People should ensure to eat fresh and hot food and avoid roadside food. One should consume only filtered or boiled water. One should even keep the surroundings clean and see to it that there are no mosquito breeding spots in or around the house. If possible, people should avoid going out between 12noon and 4pm and even wear loose and light coloured clothes," added Nirgudkar.

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