TMC to redraw DP for cluster redevelopment zones

5th Oct 2017

The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) is likely to start designing micro development plans (DP) soon for each of the eight cluster stretches identified in the city for implementing the redevelopment project to ensure a planned zone with all amenities.

According to the plan, the DP will have to be designed for each of the zones that will see a planned development post implementation of the cluster project that will factor in increased floor space index and allocation of amenities. The existing DP that was finalized in 2003 was not designed keeping in mind the cluster project and accordingly, before implementation of the redevelopment in any of the areas, the planners would require a fresh DP to be redrawn keeping in mind the planned infrastructure in specific areas and adjoining stretches.

The TMC is presently in the final stages of appointing a panel of experts to help them formulate an urban renewal policy that is a mandatory aspect for implementation of the cluster implementation. The micro DP is part of the policy and the team will be entrusted with redrawing it, explained an official.

Currently, the TMC has floated bids for hiring the panel of experts, who could be a mix of town planners and architects, who would take up planning each of the selected cluster zones.

The TMC has proposed eight clusters within the city limits, including those at Rabodi, Mumbra, Kalwa, Kisan Nagar and Lokmany Nagar among others. The cluster plan has been formulated to ensure the menace of illegal structures that occupies a notable volume of land in the city paves way for planned development. It is believed that over 11 lakh sqm area in the city is occupied by illegal constructions, most of which includes government land.

Officials explained the fresh DP would be redrawn as per the urban renewal policy that would mandate the allocation and use of all amenities required. The planning would be easier as the designers will have lots of horizontal space for allocation of amenities and no space would be lost to illegal structures or encroachments as is the present situation.

"The urban renewal policy will be an integral part for implementation of the cluster redevelopment project. We are in the process of selecting and appointing a panel of experts who would help scrutinize the clusters and design a development plan for the same," said a senior civic official.

The final decks for implementation of the cluster redevelopment plan in Thane was cleared in June 2017 after the Bombay High Court vacated its stay after the Mumbai Corporation submitted the impact assessment.