Thane Schools Cheer as many Score cent percent in CBSE Class X exam

30th May, 2018

THANE : On Tuesday, the campuses across city schools were filled with excitement and jubilation after the CBSE Class X results were declared. Many city schools recorded cent percent results.

After giving up on a number of extra-curricular activities and spending extra hours in studying and revising all through the year, the 972 CBSE students here as well as their parents could finally breathed a sigh of relief as they not only cleared the board exams, but also fared well. Speaking about her year-long struggle to reach to the top, 16-year-old Pooja Mahajan, who topped Lokpuram Public School with a 98.6%, said, "As this was the final year I had to push myself harder than before. After revising what was taught in school I spent five hours studying daily. Even though I was weak in maths, my mother and sister helped me prepare for it. I managed to score 100 out of 100 in it."

Agreeing with Mahajan, New Horizon Scholars Schools' topper Omkar More (15) who scored 98.8%, said, "As we had to study the full year's syllabus , which is why I took the help of my teachers and finished it months in advance. I spent the end of the year, revising, solving papers and taking adequate breaks and rest." Despite having worked twice as hard throughout the year, these students believe that they may not have been able to achieve their scores without the support of their parents and teachers.

"My teachers advised me to solve numerous sample papers in every subject which helped me manage my writing speed, time and prepare for the exams in the end. While they, along with my parents, helped me correct these test papers, my younger sister helped me master the English subject," said Adrija De (15), a DAV Thane student who came second in the city with a 98.8%. While the results have put a smile on the faces of city students, their principals, teachers and family members are ecstatic.

"Our school's mission is to see our students excel and all through the year we have been preparing them for this by holding extra classes, revisions, providing one-on-one attention and so on. We are happy that out of 121 students, 41 have secured 90%," said Jyoti Nair, principal of city-based New Horizon Scholars School.

"Besides helping our students prepare for the exam, we ensured that they have a stress-free environment, which induces learning at school and at home, through parent-teacher interactions. Our efforts seem to have borne fruit as 154 of our 450 students secured 90% and above. A few went on to top the city as well," said DAV Thane principal Simmi Juneja.


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