CR plans to approach TMC to deploy hygiene marshals to rein in litterbugs at Thane station

26th May, 2018

THANE : The Central Railways is mulling to approach the municipal corporation to deploy its team of beat marshals to rein in litterbugs at Thane railway station. According to senior railway officials at Thane, they are in the process of discussing the issue with senior officials in Mumbai over expanding the services of the marshals employed by the municipality on the railway station area. The officials cite that empowering these marshals to spot and act on the railway premises will act as a deterrent for others who don't bat an eyelid before staining walls red.

The move comes after officials said the deployment of nearly 42 staff over three different shifts but that hasn’t helped improve the hygiene condition at the railway station. The ticket checking staff has been assigned to penalise litterbugs but we feel having a dedicated staff for the same will go a long way. The issue was discussed at an internal meeting of Thane station officials recently. The station will soon be having mechanised cleaning system but is also likely to fall inadequate if litterbugs aren't reined in.

The station staff claimed they daily employ several man-hours in scrubbing clean the station premises, several miscreants, especially those chewing paan and tobacco products often end up staining the station walls within minutes of cleaning them. The staff say they use nearly 20kgs of detergents for cleaning. Even murals done by activists and students haven't been spared, lament the officials.

“We have been ensuring the tracks and the platform are kept clean. The walls are also scrubbed clean quite often daily but passengers often spit paan defeating our efforts. We have always been working towards making Thane a clean station and need passenger support for the same,” said station manager Suresh Nair.

Accordingly, deployment of these marshals was suggested who could help put some fear in the minds of litterbugs. These marshals may be deputed on the platforms or on the bridges. “We are mulling to request the municipal administration to man our areas as well. The intention is to ensure cleanliness. Our ticket checking staff is penalising people but they are shortstaffed. We will speak to our higher authorities in Mumbai and soon come to a decision,” said the official.


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