Rain Effect : Air Quality in Lake City gets Better

26th June, 2018

THANE : The air quality in Thane city has turned better by 33 per cent following a heavy downpour since Sunday.

While the ceiling permissible limit of the Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM) is 100 gram per metric cube (g/mg3), the past few weeks recorded a drop in RSPM to 101g/mg3 from 167g/m3) on Sunday.

On Monday, the particulate matter concentration came down drastically to 67.5 g/m3. The nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide in the air, which are other indicators of air pollution, also dropped by 30 per cent and 15 per cent respectively.

“Dust particles and toxic gases are constantly released in the air due to vehicular traffic and even day-to-day movements. However, during the rains, this particulate matter is washed down to the ground. The concentration of toxic gases, too, is diluted during such heavy rain,” said a civic official.

Nature enthusiasts in Thane said that this air toxicity level may drop further if the rains continue with the same intensity.

However, they hope that the civic authorities are working on a plan to ensure that the levels do not rise by the end of the season.

“Every year the rain brings down the air pollution levels. We have now started receiving proper rainfall and have started witnessing this positive change yet again this year. As monsoon enters in full swing, it is bound to better the air quality level,” said Jaideep Das, an environmentalist.

“However, even though these next three months are expected to be air-pollution free, officials need to make the most of this time and prepare a preventive plan to ensure control on the RSPM, nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide levels once the rains make an exit,” he added.


Source : timesofindia.indiatimes.com