Vets alert pet owners to look out for diseases like gastro, distemper in rains

25th June, 2018

Thane: It’s not only humans that get affected by the changing weather situations. The drop and rise in mercury levels also affects the furry animals, especially the rains.

The city-based veterinarians claim that monsoon brings with it various ailments in furry animals, cautioning the pet owners and animal lovers to take preventive measure.

Animals like cats and dog face various ailments like respiratory and fungal infections, gastrointestinal problems there are even maggot growth on the wounds if any.

Talking about the most common ailments that pets face during the rainy season, a city-based veterinarian Dr. Hemant Thange said, “Most cases that we get in this season are of gastro and tick fever. If the pets or strays are given stale or raw food they suffer from vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach upset etc. Also, it is often seen that in this season there is a growth of ticks in the fur, which causes tick fever, so these furry ones should be kept clean. One should ensure that the pets are given warm food and soups. It should also be noticed that they get clean water to drink.”

The animal lovers have also been advised to make sure that the pet’s fur stays dry so that they do not suffer from any fungal infections. Also, they have been asked to check for any wounds on the body so that it can be kept clean and dry to avoid any maggot growth on them.

Dr Thange adds, “One should try to cover dog’s paws especially when they are taken for walks, so that it stays dry and they do not get any infection. Also, the fur should be left to dry to avoid any fungal infections. When it comes to strays one should check if there are any wounds to avoid any maggot growth. And just in case if there are any maggots, they will not only lay eggs, but will even eat the flesh and bones of the animals, which could lead to complications.”

The doctors have also strictly warned citizens to not take these animals in stagnant water or puddles as they can get infected with leptospirosis. It is always better to get them vaccinated against these dreadful diseases.

A city-based non-government organization is even conducting vaccination drives against the viral diseases so that strays stay healthy.

“Gastro and distemper are the most common disorders that strays and pets get during the rains. So we conduct vaccination drives in areas to keep such ailments away from pets. Animal lovers and societies with strays and pets can call us for getting the animals vaccinated. We have been spreading awareness and requesting people to give shelter to the strays in the society premises so that they can get some shade and keep themselves dry,” said Nilesh Bhanage, founder of a city-based NGO Plants and Animals Welfare Society (PAWS).


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