From planting Trees to Car-Pooling, Thaneites take steps to Protect Nature

21st Apr, 2018

THANE : With the temperature and sea levels rising across the globe, glaciers on the verge of melting and forest and mangrove cover massacared mindlessly, a group of earth warriors have taken up the responsibility of protecting the environment in their own way.

On the occasion of World Earth Day, which is observed on Sunday, a section of the environmentally-conscious citizens have shared their efforts to make the city a much more liveable and sustainable place.

Be it car-pooling or walking to office, using a bucket to take a bath rather than a shower, setting up urban garden in their homes, these citizens are judiciously using the earths resources and are taking measures to save nature. Dr. Pranjali Kelkar, a resident of Waghbil who started an urban garden in her house, said, My husband and I are fond of plants. So, since the last two years, we set up a small garden in our flower bed. I am glad that we took this decision as not only does the place look beautiful and green, but it also attracts an array of birds and butterflies. Even youngsters have started becoming conscious of the environment and are trying to make changes in their lifestyle so that they can protect nature.

A resident of Vartak Nagar, Shreya Vaidya (24), said, Earlier I used to use the shower while taking a bath. But then I saw a documentary on how people were survuiving without a drop of water. This changed my thinking. From then on I decided to use just a bucket of water instead of shower.

There are even a few who are keen on saving essential resources such as petrol, diesel, electricity and much more. Till a few years ago, I used to use my four-wheeler to travel to work everyday. Then I started asking some of my colleagues who lived close to my residence if they wanted to travel along with me. Now, its been eight years since I am car pooling with my colleagues, said Mihir Rao, a Thaneite.


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