TMC education department re-tables old proposals after changes

January 16, 2020

The education department in Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has re-tabled some proposals that were earlier rejected by the general body.

They have introduced some minor changes to the budget, the two proposals of a special trip showcasing the rich heritage of Thane and making available one book every month for all subjects.

A total of ₹1 crore had been proposed for the heritage trip for school students. After discussions, it was decided that students will be provided free tour in Thane Municipal Transport buses instead of private buses. As per the proposal, civic school students from Class 5 to 8 will visit places around the city and learn about the rich heritage.

“It is rare that students from civic schools go on picnics. A heritage tour will be fun and informative,” said an official from education department, TMC. With an aim to reduce the weight of bags, a proposal to have separate books based on the syllabus for each month was presented. Students from Class 1 to 8 will have to take only one book to school every day. The syllabus for every month from all subjects will be compiled into a one book so students will have 10 books for the entire year.

“As per the new proposal, ₹2.2-crore budget has been proposed for one year which is ₹1 crore less than last year, which had been proposed for one and half years. We will have to ensure that the subject books received from the state education department, Pune, will be divided into separate books as per syllabus. ₹72 will be spent for each book. In May, we will take the books from the department and hand over the month-wise books to students after school reopens,” said Manish Joshi, deputy municipal commissioner.

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