Ambernath civic body to manage waste, like Spanish company

January 03, 2020

The Ambernath Municipal Council (AMC) has decided to adopt a waste management project, inspired by a company in Spain, through which the garbage will be recycled and compost will be produced from it.

Last month, AMC officials visited Leblan industries in Spain to learn about the waste management technology used by them. Following the visit, the civic body has decided to take up similar project in Ambernath with the help of the company.

Leblan is a Spanish company which deals with provision of facilities, technology and machinery for waste treatment.

“The company in Spain is using machinery to recycle waste and then convert it into compost. We can also replicate it in Ambernath. The civic body has already approved the idea,” said Suresh Patil, health officer, AMC. Since the project will need more amount of waste for recycling, the civic body has decided to include the Badlapur Municipal Council (BMC) in it.

“We have communicated with the BMC, they are yet to approve the idea. The project will be undertaken by both councils together, ”added Patil.

An officer from Badlapur municipal council said, “The decision is yet to be taken about us joining the project. The civic body is already emphasising on segregation of waste and many are following it in the city. A project to recycle the waste is necessary which we might consider too.”

The AMC will appoint a company to provide them with necessary machineries to set up a designated plot for segregating, recycling and composting the waste. A total of 150 metric tonnes of waste from Ambernath and 85 metric tonnes from Badlapur will be treated at the plot, said officials.

“There is a requirement of 5 acre plot which is yet to be decided. The compost out of the waste will be used for organic farming within Thane city. We expect the cost of the entire project to be ~80 crore if Leblan company is taking up the work. This might increase or reduce depending upon the company which provides the machinery,”said Patil.

In March 2018, the illegal dumping ground near pipeline road in Ambernath had caught a major fire. Residents had complained of thick smoke, covering the entire city, making breathing difficult. Earlier also many such fire incidents had led to protests from residents.

Located in Ambernath (East), along the Badlapur pipeline road, the 30-acre dumping ground has been a recurring problem over a decade now. Residents have protested against it many times, demanding legal action against civic body chief and other concerned officers.

In February 2017, members of Ambernath citizen forum protested against the dumping ground demanding action against civic officials .

The AMC also had plans to open a scientific landfilling at a 32-acre plot in Chikloli in Ambernath. The project has been delayed.

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