Variety of modaks add a unique flavour to Ganesh fest

15th September, 2018

THANE With Ganesh Chaturthi festivities underway across the city, the mouthwatering modak preparations has flooded every bylane here. While the jaggery, coconut and dryfruit filled steamed traditional modaks were once the only sweet offering or prasad offered to Ganpati, these sweet dumplings seem to have been replaced by a variety other substitutes.

From chocolate and dryfruit based modaks to sugarfree, rasmalai flavoured and caramel modaks, Thaneites have been experimenting with various new versions.

“Modaks are a must during the festival as they have to be given as prasad to all devotees. However, over the years, my family has gone astray from making the traditional jaggery-filled dumplings and have now started giving chocolate or mava modaks,” said Sharmali Marwa, a Pachpakhadi resident.

Some Thaneites have also started tweaking their traditional modak recipes and are adding some variety to the spread. “Every year, I try making sweets that are trending so that my kids get excited and join me in the kitchen. This year, we came across a shop in Mumbai that sells modak surprises, which are basically mini modaks with different sweet and savory fillings, including chocolate ganache modak and mushroom chilly modak. So I replicated some of them at home, this year,” said Kshama Kulkarni, a Vartak Nagar resident.

Some Thaneites had even approached homecooks to get a lesson or two on modak preparations. “Over the past few weeks, I had conducted sessions on unique modaks during which I taught students quick but interesting modak recipes like lemon-chilly modak, panchakhatya filled modak, caramel and sugar-free modaks and so on. Devotees are getting more and more experimental with every passing year. So, I have to keep coming up with recipes to meet the demand,” said Priti Doke, a city-based chef.

However, there are many who still follow the traditional way. “While some made ukdiche modak at home, many don’t have the time. In an attempt to keep the traditional flavor of the festival alive, we make and sell simple original coconut, jaggery and dryfruit based modaks for those who don’t have the time to make it,” said Medha Deshpande, a city based homechef.


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