Concrete future: ‘City will now have all cement roads’

02nd September, 2018

Thane : In order to get rid of the recurring potholes on the city roads the municipal administration in Thane has decided to stop using tar, asphalt material for all new road construction and will switch to cement-concrete.

Municipal commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal announced the decision after the administration was heaped with criticism from the citizens for the pothole-ridden roads. Most roads across the city have been damaged due to rains and the poor construction quality.

A TMC survey revealed that nearly 8,500 sqm roads were damaged and needed immediate repairs. As per the new plan, all greenfield roads including missing links or new roads stretches will now be built compulsarily using cement concrete or UTWT technique that has been proven to be durable in the city since the last few years.

Further, Jaiswal is also learnt to have told his officials to use asphalt and tar only for repair works. Also, the civic PWD has been asked to ensure presence of utility ducts on all these roads so that agencies don’t dig them regularly. In addition, agencies like the telephone, sewerage department, MSEDCL, etc will be instructed to ensure prior approval of digging at limited spots in the available stretches of roads in the city.

“All new roads that will be constructed in the city will be either completed using cement-concrete or UTWT so that their longetivity will be ensured,” said Jaiswal.


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