Citizens approach hosps for life support training to be of help during emergency

13 October, 2018

THANE: Realizing the importance of life support training in cases of emergencies like accidents, many housing societies, colleges and even motorists are approaching hospitals to learn the technique.

“Many people request for a formal training so that they are able to deal with medical emergencies. Also, after one goes under this first response training it gives them the confidence and prepares them to emotionally deal with a situation. During the training, a person is taught to deal those suffering from bleeding, deep cuts, fainting spells, no pulse, stroke, etc,” said Dr Nitin Jagasia, head of emergency services at Apollo hospital.

Ritul Tailor, one such resident of Mumbai, who has undertaken training on basic life support, acted swiftly when he saw a 51-year-old man bleeding on the Eastern Express Highway. The victim had suffered grievous head injuries in a bike accident and Tailor helped stop the bleeding, owing to the lessons he had taken. He even made sure that he held the victim properly while taking him to a nearby hospital with the help of a few bystanders.

“I was heading home after work when I saw a group of people surrounding a bike, which had fallen. Guessing that it would have been an accident I immediately halted to take a look at a man who was bleeding profusely after suffering a head injury and his 20-year-old daughter crying helplessness. The bike had probably slipped and he suffered the injuries as he was not wearing a helmet. Due to the training that I took, I managed not to panic and started helping the man,” said Tailor. -

Tailor had trained himself in order to be of some help to those who suffer accidents as he himself rides a bike.

He added, “It was first important to see if the victim was conscious and on knowing that he was, it was clear that he was not too serious. Then I checked for spine injuries if any as it is common to hurt the spine during such falls. With the help of a few people we put him in a car where I instructed a man to continue putting pressure on his head injury to stop the bleeding, which helped. Then I guided the vehicle by clearing the traffic till we reached the hospital.”

Doctors said that people at times even learn about this so that they can help an ailing senior citizen in their homes during an emergency medical condition.

With the training I first saw if the accident victim was conscious. I then checked for spine injuries if any. With the help of a few people we put him in a car where I instructed a man to continue putting pressure on his head injury to stop the bleeding

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