Beating all odds : Student scores 61% despite chicken pox

18th May, 2018

THANE : Beating all odds, a 15-year-old student from Dnyan Ganga Education Trust managed to secure 61.6% in the ICSE board despite suffering from chicken pox during the exam period.

Aryan Parde was gripped with high fever when he appeared for his physical education paper on March 23. After he went home, the youngster started getting red spots all over his face and limbs. The teenager was detected with chicken pox when he had three more papers to go.

The boy’s father, Kishore said, “It was a tough time for the entire family. Already we were tensed about board exams and now this infection had added to our anxiety. But Aryan remained calm throughout. He said he would not let it affect the studies. We took him to the doctor who gave him the required treatment. The next step was to talk to the school authorities.”

The school organized a separate classroom for Parde and also arranged for extra-staff to cater to the youngster’s needs. Determined to fight the illness all by himself, the teenager refused to use a writer for the examination.

Narrating his ordeal Parde said, “When I was detected with the chicken pox my first reaction was whether I will be able to write the exams. I had two more papers remaining i.e. - biology and environmental science. I was allotted a separate classroom. My mother would accompany me to school every day and used to wait for me downstairs. The school teachers were constantly in touch with my mother and assured her that I was doing fine. The school had asked if I wanted to use a writer but I denied and said I would manage on my own.”

Parde, a resident of Waghbil plans on opting for the humanities stream.


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