TMC Plans to Increase Public Roads under Cluster Redevpt

10th May, 2018

THANE : If all goes as planned, then the city could soon boast of a three-fold increase in the network of public roads putting an end to the recurring problem of parking and crawling traffic.

The project is part of the corporation scheme laid out for execution of the cluster redevelopment project in Thane. As per an estimate, the collective area of roads in the 44 zones identified for implementing the cluster is approximately 105 hectares (Ha). It will see an increase of nearly 200Ha by the time the project is completely executed.

The project, said officials aims at optimizing the available land space through vertical development.

The Thane Municipal Corporation, on Tuesday, published its roadmap for executing the cluster redevelopment project in the designated areas across the city and suburbs. The plans for specific areas will be discussed with residents and elected representatives at the ward level for any area-specific suggestions or objections after which the final plan will be readied.

“We have published the draft plans, which will be available for public viewing at all our administrative ward offices in the city. Residents and experts can come up with their suggestions and objections on the same, which will be analyzed before finalizing the project. The project is likely to change the face of Thane,” said Pramod Nimbalkar, town development and planning officer at TMC.

Along with roads, the proposals spread across the various sectors in the city will improve the land use ratio from the present situation. The study says that while the land use for residential and commercial structures presently is 1,164Ha land, the same will be reduced to just 734Ha while that for amenities and utilities will increase substantially to 158Ha from the existing 37Ha.

Thane that is probably the first city in the country to undergo a complete makeover will see nearly 1,508Ha of the nearly 5,000Ha available land being transformed through the cluster project. Civic head Sanjeev Jaiswal had recently claimed that the implementation of the project would start by October this year.


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