Risky affair : Vandana flyover not ready but motorists start using it

07th June, 2018

THANE: Commuters who are using Vandana-Khopat flyover may be putting not only theirs, but also the lives of other motorists in danger as they are using the yet-to-be completed flyover, said officials from the traffic department. The officials said that they cannot even take action against these motorists as the civic administration has not objected to this act.

Even though the flyover is incomplete, many are still using this flyover from Vandana talkies and descending at Akruti commercial complex. It’s been over a week now since motorists have been using the flyover even though barricades are placed at the end of the structure. “Cars, auto and tempos use the incomplete flyover which is dangerous, especially after it rained as the road is slippery. Also, there are no signages bollards or blinkers on the flyover so there is a high possibility of accidents. In case of heavy showers, visibility becomes low. This can lead to more chances of vehicles colliding into each other,” said a traffic official. The traffic department said that they cannot take action against these offenders as no rule has been passed. “Usually the authorities issue a letter stating that the structure is open and safe to be used by commuters, but we haven’t received any such letter by the TMC. Also, they have not given any complaint letter about not allowing vehicles. Due to this, even if we want to stop vehicle, we cannot taken any action against them,” said N Patil, inspector from the traffic department.

Meanwhile, the TMC has said that only minor work of the flyover is to be done. “We have to put up signages, blinkers, collards and carry out some work at the base of flyover. But it is safe for motorists to use it. Probably in a week, we will give a letter to the traffic department about the structure being complete,” said an officer from the public works department of TMC.


Source : timesofindia.indiatimes.com