.....And Do You Know These Affairs Increased After These Movies Were Released

Extra marital affairs is always been the favourite story line of Bollywood. Films reflect the story based on real life which gives the actual hint about the society. Recently released film ‘Rustom’ also portrayed the same story of the bitter side of marriage and society. And if we see relationships around us then you will realize that more couples are entering into a loveless relationship where feelings are ignored by money and comfort.

Here are some Bollywood movies which tells you story of extra marital affairs:-

Life in a Metro

The movie tells the tangled relationships of couples in the metros, where people are so into their dreams that they forget about their personal lives. In the movie, Shilpa Shetty, who was always neglected by her husband get into relationship with Shiney Ahuja. Though, at the end she returns back to her family when she realizes her mistake.


The story of this film dealt with bold and sensitive of extra marital affair in the era of 80’s. It showed the different layers of human nature. And so, the movie is considered as to be one of the masterpieces of Bollywood.

Pati Patni aur Who

The name of the movie itself reveals the whole story of the film. The movie showed the serious issue in a comical and satirical way.

Humari Adhuri Kahani

The film showed the other side of love affair outside the marriage in a very mature way. But still it was not the culture of India and people were unable to digest the story.

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

It was the story of loveless married couples who instead of loving their partners fall in love with other person. At the end they move out of the marriage and quit their marriage and stay with their love. The movie was not liked by the Indian audience.


Though the movie was based on real life story of Nanavati case of 1959 but it showed the all new side of affair outside the marriage, where a wife cheats his husband with his friend.


It tells the story of a frustrated wife who starts enjoying the company of her music teacher and fells in love with him. The film also touches upon issues of patriarchal dominance and domestic abuse.

Akhir Kyon

The movie depicts the extra marital affair between sister-in-law and brother-in-law. It shows the struggle life of a woman who leave her husband when she came to know about his extramarital affair with her cousin sister.


The film was way ahead of this time. Though the movie was based on the life of Shabana Azmi who starts living a independent life when she founds cheated by her husband but every aspect of extramarital affair was amazingly portrayed on screen.

Ek hi Bhool

While most films took the ‘serious’ path towards establishing the consequences of an extra-marital affair, this one provided comical relief. The actor fall in love and get married. The couple has a son and life seems blissful, until the actor falls in love with his secretary and their happy married life become disaster.

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