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India has always considered ‘Skill development’ a national priority. Youth is the driving force in any economy and if trained to its full capacity, can play a vital role in growth of the country. Development of skills at the school and graduation level is very essential to channelize the present generation and help in job opportunities. Considering the current scenario, India has an employability problem. While the industry continues to groans about the lack of skilled manpower, we need to assess the situation from ground level and evaluate the existing education and vocational training at an early age. ‘Skill India’ movement is coming up with several programmes to increase the youth employability, but there are also some other programmes which we should provide to young students that will help build their confidence and long lasting careers.

Here are five skill development programs that can help students develop the right skills and provide a better brighter future.

Soft Skills and Leadership Skills:

These programs need to be introduced to build their soft skills and leadership skills, equipping them to productively perform at their future jobs. They can be tailored accordingly to generate the best results. Soft skills must be introduced as a basic conclusive program to the students to dictate success in their career and build strong professional relationships. It should focus on the aspect of developing unique inter and intra personal skills, conversation skills and polishing behaviour traits. Leadership training programs specifically designed for new leaders and fresher employees to develop qualities and skills such as Stress and conflict Management, team efficiency, work-life balance, vision creation, creativity and Critical Thinking. To impart more value creation to the student the training is custom designed, interactive, skills based.

Entrepreneurship Skills:

With many start-up firms budding and flourishingly, today’s youth is ready to start their own businesses. These programs provide guidelines for gainful employment for those who wish to establish their business independently. These need holistic complex processes to build technical capabilities of potential entrepreneurs to reduce high dropout rate and increase the chances of start-up success.

Digital Skills:

The digital economy of India requires new talent introducing short term digital and IT workshops which enables students to use computers, software’s and related technology efficiently. The IT sector is accelerating at a fast pace, each new technology cycle has emerged new digital skill requirements, moving from basic functions to more advanced and powerful applications. Hence, the magnitude of training and re-skilling required is enormous. Youth need to refresh their skills more frequently if they wish to stay relevant in the rapidly changing business environment and be equipped and ready for the future digital India.

Problem solving and Analytical skills:

These skills can help the students to evaluate business problems such as; making timely accurate decisions, thinking outside-the-box and creating larger solution space in fields of IT, engineering, management, finance and more. A logical and methodical approach is rendered to the students to improve their ability to understand and solve complex challenges. Using their academic knowledge students can identify and implement appropriate problem solving solutions of technical or practical nature. This will help them to deal with different incurring crucial situations, hence giving them a powerful and competitive career advantage.

Creativity and Flexibility Skills:

There is a lack of creativity and innovation in our traditional education systems. We need to realize that these skills are essential for the Indian economy and our youth has innovative minds and creative spirits, their creativity and flexibility needs to be nourished for their personal development. These are skill-specific and require intentional instruction; creativity and flexibility need to be considered as a skill and to be included in the learning standards by the educators. These skills are important to help students create their own jobs and prepare themselves for specific careers.

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