Make a sports drink out of coconut water

Coconut water contains natural electrolytes including potassium and sodium, which are key nutrients in replenishing and rehydrating your body. Electrolytes are also critical to proper nerve and muscle function, which is why athletes drink them in sports drinks like Gatorade. But sports drinks contain unnecessary sugar, calories, and artificial dyes. Instead of grabbing a Gatorade, try adding 1 cup of coconut water with 1 cup of your favorite fresh-squeezed juice (and a dash of raw honey if you like it sweet) for a homemade and all natural sports drink. (You can get two servings out of it.)

Freeze hydrating pops

Turn this classic summer treat into a tool to refuel and rehydrate. Blend or juice some hydrating ingredients like watermelon (which contains more than 90 percent water) and lemon juice (an excellent source of potassium). Then fill Popsicle molds and freeze for about an hour. You can even add coconut water for an added boost of electrolytes, and raw honey for a touch of sweetness.

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Sip some summer soup

Soup is a great hydrating fluid to add more water into your diet, but no one wants hot soup on a summer day. Instead, try a gazpacho recipe with hydrating vegetables like tomato (which contains 94.5 percent water) and cucumber (which contains 96 percent water), and a bit of sea salt, for a refreshing and healthy meal.

Drink an herbal tea cooler

Some teas are dehydrating, but decaffeinated herbal tea is an exception. Cool down and rehydrate after a long day by sipping on an herbal iced tea. Blend up some fruit puree and add it to a pot of herbal tea. Then, let cool in the fridge and server over ice depending on your preference. Try a recipe with cranberry, which contains antioxidants as well as natural minerals that help your body maintain its fluid-balance.

Refuel with milk

Got milk? One study reported in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, showed that athletes who consumed milk or milk-based products had better fluid retention than those who drank Powerade. Plus milk contains protein, which your body needs to recharge after physical exertion. So next time you exercise, try rehydrating with fat-free or reduced fat milk. This is how your body changes when you start drinking enough water.

Replace soda with sparkling water

Soda contains caffeine and sugar that can dehydrate your body. Switch it up with sparkling water! Just squeeze in lemon or orange juice, or add some muddled berries (strawberries contain 91 percent water) and mint leaves into this sparkling summer refreshment. Just make sure you’re using sparkling water, and not tonic water.

Add ice to your alcohol

Alcohol is dehydrating, but you can limit this effect by adding ice to your alcoholic beverage of choice. You’ll stay more hydrated as the ice melts. Or if you prefer, try drinking one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume. Make sure you stop believing these myths about hydration right now.

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