Thane City | Tips to stay healthy and get down to kitchen basics during lockdown

Quarantine has helped us rediscover our hobbies. People are indulging in different activities such as exercising, sketching, cooking and a lot else. Cooking is believed to be therapeutic for people as it helps soothe the mind and also maintain your calm amid the hustle-bustle.

Start with baby steps

Working from home can be challenging, but one needs to stay motivated and work productively. "Start your day with fresh lime water as it is a good source of nutrients that helps improve diet, boost immunity and aid digestion. The added benefit is it’s easy to prepare," recommends Ritika Samaddar, nutritionist.

Make a list of healthy recipes

Being health conscious is good for your body and mind. Hence, start with a research party of your own and look up healthy recipes that will fill you up with the right proportion of proteins and nutrients. Add those to your list and ensure you have the ingredients available at home. Savour the dishes by adding your own touch to it or concoct a new one.

Welcome the day with a filling breakfast

Have you recently lost touch with cooking because of your busy schedule? Well, this is the time to revisit your skills. Start with preparing a healthy breakfast that has the right proteins, like a glass of milk and stuffed egg, omelette or besan cheela. It is filling and will help maintain your energy levels during the day. A healthy breakfast will lead to fresh mornings.

Healthy snacking alternative

"If you like munching while you are working and trying hard to meet your deadlines, make sure you opt for healthy options such as fruits or nuts. Almonds will help you get through the day, as they are a source of 15 nutrients such as vitamin E, riboflavin, magnesium and more that are not only energy-yielding but also known to contribute to growth and maintenance of muscle mass. You can add flavours like Indian spices or make roasted almonds at home to create a healthy and tasty snacking option. The richness of nutrients may lead to a healthier lifestyle," suggests Samaddar.

Treat your sweet tooth

Add a tinge of sweetness to your life and your plate with some badam halwa or a mug cake! It can be made with ingredients that are easily available at home. All you need is almonds, clarified butter, sugar, and some saffron to get started. Almonds help lower the blood sugar impact of carbohydrate foods that affects fasting insulin levels. Hence, it will balance out the sugar but still maintain the sweetness.

With these healthy options, you will not only improve your health but will also rekindle your love with cooking. Also, make sure you hydrate well, exercise regularly and have timely meals. Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before cooking and make sure you wash your hands nicely before and after eating your meals.

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