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About Nutrivalue

“Nutrivalue” is the trademark brand of GrassRoot Nutrition Private Limited, a company established in 2006, dealing in Health Products. GrassRoot Nutrition is primarily a marketing company, that designs and markets Health Foods and Nutraceuticals under the brand name, “Nutrivalue”. Over the past 14 years, Nutrivalue brand has been associated with novelty, quality and authenticity.

GrassRoot Nutrition Pvt Ltd (GNPL), as an Organization, is committed to being involved with High Quality Health Foods and Dietary supplements, to retain strong focus towards nutritionally beneficial and health oriented products. It combines our age old traditional wisdom with new age processing and packaging techniques, so as to provide all our customers with the greatest possible value for their money.

About Manjiri Chunekar

  • First Generation Entrepreneur with 16 state and national Level awards for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • More than 38 years experience in the field of Microbiology and Nutrition.
  • In these fields has established 2 successfully running companies.
  • Pioneer in Hospital Infection Control Monitoring. Cater to 120 Hospitals in Mumbai for the past 35 years.
  • Vast contribution in developing microbiological monitoring methods in pharma and food industry.

  • Residential Interior designer in Thane
    Residential Interior designer in Thane


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  • Health Box Program

    GrassRoot Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. Under its brand NutriValue has been working for the last 14 years, to bring Authentic nutritional concepts to the Indian population. We use Indian traditional wisdom in Nutrition, in Combination with modern nutritional studies; deal only with that which is grown by the Indian Farmer, very little or no processing, less or no preservatives and genuinely useful in maintaining good health in today’s age. Keeping it simple to prepare and with a great taste.

    The current Covid 19 Pandemic has shown the importance of building internal immunity to prevent or manage modern day diseases. Proper nutrition, among other steps, is the most important weapon in our hands. Studies have also shown that the grains, vegetables and fruits that we eat today have far less nutrients than 50 years ago. This makes it necessary to include Super Foods in our diet.

    NutriValue has introduced many superfoods to suit your taste as well as your body’s requirement. We believe that small changes can make a big difference. It needs generally 3 months to appreciate the boost that such changes give to your energy level and get you that internal feeling of “Good Health”. This is how most of NutriValue users describe the feeling and we know that they will now keep themselves in this zone for life. We have may such “contented” customers. Towards our vision of reaching out many more, NutriValue introduces the Health Box Program for Immunity

    Your Health is our concern!

    One Health Box will take care of one person’s monthly requirement of Super-Foods and tasty Health Foods. You can manage your one meal of the day from the supplies and get all the natural supplements to boost your health to its optimal functionality and internal IMMUNITY.

    • Address : GrassRoot Nutrition Pvt.Ltd High Street Mall, Kapurbawdi Junction, Samata Nagar, Kapurbawdi, Thane West, MH - 400607
    • Phone : +(91)-(22)-21644821 / +(91)-(22)-25974821/31 / +(91)-9223581681/82
    • Email : sales@nutrivalue.in
    • Website : www.nutrivalue.in
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    Created On May 2021