Dr. Manjeet Singh Arora has been doing training on First - Aid / CPR / Safety / BBS / Stress management in his style for the past 30 years.

15th April 2013, Shri L. K. Advaniji released his book titled First - Aid /CPR / Disaster Management.
He has been honored as one of the best doctors by Rotary club of Dombivili 1st July 2012, Doctor's Day.
He has been honored "Life Time Award" by the Rotary Club of Thane, Garden City in the month of October 2011, for his contribution to the society.

First Aid Techniques

Part 1 - What To Do When You Have Fever?

Part 2 - Hand Injury Or Fracture

Part 3 - Leg Injury Or Fracture

Part 4 - Neck Injury

Part 5 - Fit Attack

Part 6 - How To Help Someone Who Has Fainted?

Part 7 - Why Do We FAINT?

Part 8 - What To Do When A Person Faints?

Part 9 - How To Help Someone With A Head Injury?

Part 10 - How To Carry A Patient?

Part 11 - Locating The Heart And The Important Nerves Of The Human Body