Thane residents least vaccinated compared with Mumbai, Pune, Navi

February 25, 2022

With low response at vaccination centres, Thane Municipal Corporation has fully vaccinated only 74% of the population including those in the 15 to 18 years age group; this is much lower than the neighbouring cities of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune

Mumbai city has fully vaccinated 98% of its adult population, Pune has fully vaccinated 79.5% of its population and Navi Mumbai has provided both doses to 94% of its overall population, including those in the 15 to 18 years age group in both the cities.

TMC has the lowest number of fully vaccinated residents despite being a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). According to the TMC officials, many tested positive in the third wave and can now get vaccinated only after a few months. This has hit the vaccination figures in the city. Mass vaccinations and corporate vaccination facilities have also stopped in the city.

In February, since the decline of the third wave, Thane city has administered around two lakh vaccine doses overall. In the beginning of January, Thane city had vaccinated 75% of the population with the first dose and 50% were fully vaccinated. Due to the harsh weather conditions and the onset of the third wave in January, the vaccination process had slowed down.

“Many have tested positive for Covid in the third wave. As there continues to be a wait of three months after testing positive to get vaccinated, the response is poor for the second dose. We are focusing on completing the first dose vaccination through various initiatives like door-to-door vaccination and mobile vaccination centres. Although mass vaccination and corporate vaccinations facilities have stopped in the city, we shall soon revisit areas where vaccination camps were set up as many will now be due in these places for the second dose of vaccination,” said an officer from TMC.

Meanwhile, merely 87% of the population has taken the first dose till now within the Thane city.

“We will manage to vaccinate more than 90% of the population with the first dose by the end of this week. Our focus continues to be providing the first dose vaccination to the entire population at the earliest. The response for the second dose vaccination, although slow, continues to be steady. We are continuing with our various vaccination awareness programmes. On a daily basis, we continue to have more than 50 vaccination centres across the city that provide around 300 vaccine doses each,” said Dr Prasad Patil, Immunisation officer, TMC.

Moreover, hardly 2.50% of the population has taken the precautionary or booster dose till now. Only 44,718 have been administered the booster dose. This includes 14,930 health workers and frontline workers, 29,788 senior citizens have also taken the booster dose across Thane city.

“The response for vaccination among senior citizens at the start of the vaccination drives itself was poor, hence those coming forward for the booster dose will pick up only after a few more days,” added Patil.

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