Digital boards displaying air pollution levels in Thane not functional

February 7, 2022

Digital display boards set up to show air pollution levels across prime junctions in Thane are defunct; Thane Municipal Corporation has claimed that it needs time to fix the electrical issues related to the boards The digital display boards set up to show different levels of pollutants in the air across the prime junctions in the city are now defunct.

The display boards were set up with the aim of creating awareness by letting people know about the pollution levels. However, Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has claimed that it needs time to fix the electrical issues related to the boards.

“There are some technical issues that need specific expertise, hence the delay. We have repaired the one at Teen Haath Naka. It is now functional. However, work on others is going on. The one situated near Brahmand will take more time to start functioning but we are working on it,” said Manisha Pradhan, Pollution Control Officer, TMC.

These display boards were set up in the early 2000s after a ruling by the State Government making it mandatory for all municipal corporations to display pollution parameters. These boards display various parameters of Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Hydrogen Sulphate, Ammonia and suspended particles. Moreover, the wind velocity, humidity, temperature and rainfall during monsoon are also displayed.

A mist fountain that helps settle dust is also installed at Teen Haath Naka by the Pollution Control Board. However, due to the ongoing Metro construction work, this is also not functional, claim officials at the Pollution Control Cell of TMC.

Avinash Bhagvat, Environment Conservator, Thane, said, “These pollution level boards should be monitored regularly and related guidelines be given to the common man. On days when the pollution levels are too high, maybe they could ask people to wear masks or control vehicular traffic or keep a tab on the construction activities happening in the city. Only such efforts will make it helpful to have such a display board.”

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