08-10-2017 - 14-10-2017
You are likely to be on a mission to visit religious places/pilgrims to spend some time in tranquility. The serene and calm atmosphere shall soothe your nerves and have a refreshing effect on your mind. Make the most of this benevolent time by chanting mantras! Around midweek, Jupiter migrates in a watery Sign Scorpio in the third House. Influence of Jupiter will enable you to carry out day-to-day activities without any glitches. In turn, you may be left with more time to plan and strategize your career goals. Jupiter influencing the eleventh House linked with relationship will make efforts to resolve differences in your relationship and maintain harmony at the home front. Ganesha assures good health around this time. However, don’t take it for granted; exercise and meditate to avoid health troubles in future.