08-10-2017 - 14-10-2017
You may have inherited some valuable assets in the past. But, you may not able to maintain it, and hence, planning to sell it. This may result in more cash inflow and big fat bank balance. For businessmen, it is a perfect time to propose a new project or invest money to make it big in future. Remember, what steps you take today, shall have their repercussions on your business tomorrow, says Ganesha. Ruler of your Sign Jupiter migrates in watery Sign in the ninth House. Refrain from gaining short-term advantages that may prove to be deceiving in the end. Instead, focus your energies on a long-term planning, which may yield fruitful results. Some disruption in the planetary alignment does not allow you to function smoothly in day-to-day activities. You may have to put in more time to complete your task in time.