19-11-2017 - 25-11-2017
20th is a great day if you are looking for some serious positive motivation. Moon in Sagittarius comes to your aid. Influence of Mars over your Sign and your 10th House will energise you further, keeping you busy with work/ business. You will now be sweating it out at work, trying to make things work, getting back the lost momentum of the past two weeks. Around 23rd, Sun moves to Sagittarius, your 9th House, where Saturn and Mercury are also camping. You are still thinking a lot, but things will start getting better. Keep a calm fa├žade in your relationships, especially at home. Married ones must remain careful too. Ones trying for conception (kids) shall not be supported by stars. Gains may come through inheritance now. Probably, you are planning to sell off something, most likely, land. Things will take their own sweet time to manifest results in this direction, feels Ganesha.